The Cremation Memorial ... a lasting tribute

Recently the practice of cremation has become a more common and accepted alternative to traditional burials. Many people have the mistaken impression that cremation is an end onto itself. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just as cremation does not limit the need for ritual ceremony in the grieving process, nor does it eliminate or limit the need to memorialize a life once lived. Cremation is a prelude to memorialization.

When cremated remains are interred in an individual or family plot, numerous options exist for memorialization. Options available may range from simple flat or raised markers to vertical or horizontal upright monuments, and mausoleums. Literally all the options available for memorialization after an inground interment are available to those who have chosen cremation.

Quite often cremated remains are scattered. Whether this is done in a designated cemetery area or in a private area, options exist for memorialization.

Boulders with plaques, benches, bird baths, sundials and other types of "garden" memorials are commonly used in areas where cremated remains have been scattered.

Rules and regulations in cemeteries can vary greatly. Before choosing a cemetery consult with your MBNA memorialist. Also, be sure to obtain a copy of the cemetery's regulations so that you are aware of any limits that may be imposed upon your memorialization options.

Remember that creation of a Cremation Memorial is a lasting tribute. Whether you are planning for a loved one, or are planning how you would like to be memorialized in the future, permanent memorialization is an option when cremation has been chosen.