The Unicraft Mausoleum ... only from Rock of Ages

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A private mausoleum has always been the most distinctive tribute to life. A memorial that expresses family pride in traditional elegance.

The Rock of Ages Corp. has designed the Unicraft mausoleum to be symbolic and reverent in purpose. To be an extension of the family it honors. Each family can select or even create carvings of personal significance. Many granites in different colors and finishes are used for dramatic effects. The mausoleums shown here are just a small selection of the designs available.

The Unicraft mausoleum is built at the Rock of Ages Craftsman Center and is crafted entirely of selected Rock of Ages granites. The factory assembly of mausoleums avoids the delays and problems of on-site construction. When it arrives, the mausoleum is ready to place in the cemetery. Today, Unicraft mausoleums are surprisingly affordable, many costing no more than a fully-equipped automobile.

Every detail if granite quarrying, production and assembly is handled by the Rock of Ages Corp., a responsible company that fully guarantees its product without time limit.